Episode 50: Too Much Reality

And that’s Episode 50. Only one or two weeks late. Quite a long one and entirely lacking the Giant Death Ray wielding Mecha Santa I originally had planned. Also – I can’t help but notice I am not rich, famous, in possession of¬† a legion of followers and/or living comfortably off the proceeds of this enterprise. It appears the Internet lied to me……

Episode 19: ‘Put Some God Damn Clothes On..’

019_Illustrator 2Military Hardware nuts РCheck. (Social) Gamers РCheck. Corporate Types РCheck. Sci Fi Aficionados  РCheck. The OIRFC РCheck. Nude Elf Enthusiasts РUm. Check. SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!!

Episode 5: Dialogue light.

005_Top BlackpointIllustWhittle whittle….PHASER STUN!
Also – new title bar including URL….that I’m not 100% comfortable with. I suspect this may be one of those times I should have consulted with the Graphic Design arm of the business.