Episode 50: Too Much Reality

And that’s Episode 50. Only one or two weeks late. Quite a long one and entirely lacking the Giant Death Ray wielding Mecha Santa I originally had planned. Also – I can’t help but notice I am not rich, famous, in possession of  a legion of followers and/or living comfortably off the proceeds of this enterprise. It appears the Internet lied to me……

Episode 11: ‘I’m All About The Death Rays’.

011_IllustratorcopyBlack and white is the new colour. But now TWICE WEEKLY!!!!! (for the foreseeable future….or until I lose my shit)…..AH HA!!! And now it’s in colour again. You can thank escaping the 60+ mins of crap that is My Kitchen Rules for giving me the extra time in my day for this……also I’m a fickle fickle bastard.