Episode 56: So Very Safe.

056_Initial Illust
Come to ‘Twasn’t, for all your level headed and mature hot topic discussion needs…..Also – The aforementioned commandos (evil minions of the now defunct Big Toy Incorporated) feature here

Episode 53: The Stickfigure Gambit.

Hell. If Order of the Stick can get away with it for 1000 episodes……Nah. (Though I quite like my low res guys. Certainly good for a last minute rush job. And it’s amazing how much expression you can jam into a circle with a couple of other circles and a curve or two).

Episode 42: Meanwhile, Back In The Piranha Tank.

And that brings Recycle Week to a close……unless I get behind again. If you want to see the Episode I ripped this one off (is it possible to rip yourself off) it is Episode 15 and it’s right over – here. I still get hits on this one from Reddit at the rate of nearly one a day (yeah. woo.). Maybe I should have set this strip in a Piranha Tank. Piranhas are piss easy to draw.