What’s all this about then?

To steal from just about every movie ever made about the American military (and more specifically about the institutional abuse of recruits in it) – This is a Webcomic. There are many like it (soooo very many). But this one is mine.

In this Webcomic you WILL find Santa and Elves and reindeer. But before you run screaming from this URL yelling something along the lines of ‘AAAARGGGGHH it’s Christmas again. Get it away from me. Get it away from me.’ I assure you that it is not my intention to spend 365 days of the year pretending it’s Christmas Day. Hence the title.

So yes. There are Christmassy things. But barring maybe one episode a year (when it will actually BE Christmas) I promise there will be almost NO hey nonny nonny shenanigans. On my honor.

The parent in me feels I should point out that while CLEARLY there will be nothing here remotely challenging the established FACT of these characters existence, I cannot promise that elements herein might require parental guidance. There will at the very least be traumatic amputation in the near future.

While it is my plan to post every Wednesday in color I should also point out that it was my plan to be living in Aspen every year and skiing my arse off by now and look how that turned out.

Also – have a looksy through the menus up the top. I’ll be fairly regularly posting non-core stuff in there (particularly under the ‘Bonus Stuff’ heading). It’ll be a hoot.

Hope you like it.

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